Óscar and Anixandra

It’s hot and muggy, like most days in Venezuela. Óscar is getting his backpack in order, last minute as always. His older sister, Anixandra, anxiously awaits by the door. Óscar´s consistent tardiness has her worried, but they always make it to school on time - just barely.

 Óscar and Anixandra live with their grandparents. Their mother recently remarried, did not have enough room in her new house for her two children (she has a new son), so the grandparents agreed to take Óscar and Anixandra in. There is no father, but the good news is the sibling’s mother sees them every day and share time together when possible. Yet, to say this situation has put stress on Óscar and Anixandra would be an understatement. They are good students, but have been through a lot. Their local school lacks the additional resources to properly guide them through these transitional years, and at 13 and 16, these are “the” formative years that every child psychologist speaks of.

The mission of DTML is to disrupt poverty cycles and interject stable, educational mentors in the lives of children, worldwide. We do this via online platforms where pre-screened, volunteer educators connect with children like Óscar and Anixandra to establish a learning relationship that will guide them to adulthood. Research shows that stability matters, and mentoring works. The key is to make it cost-effective and efficient for both parties. Face-to-face continues to be a valid model, but it is extremely expensive and hard to maintain.

The internet has connected the world like nothing before it, and at a fraction of the cost. For just $20 per month you can place a mentor in the lives of children like Óscar and Anixandra and literally shatter the cycle of poverty. Relationships are what matter, and by helping DTML to foster relationships with millions of children in similar situations, true development and emergence out of poverty will occur.

DTML is occupying the front lines, cutting edge and human-centric, join us to make a difference today. Meet more students....