David Conquered An Educational Game That Could Change His Life

Certain achievements, goals or dreams may come across as silly to those who have abundant opportunities. In a society such as Venezuela, where opportunities are few and far between for children, some achievements are a meaningful reason for a child to feel proud.

David Alonzo is one such child. He is very happy to hear that he’s the very first child to have completed the entire game “What is the Internet.” It is quite an accomplishment that he got through all the levels with at least two stars each. The game is part of the e-learning solution DTML has brought to schools in underserved countries.

Why does this game mean something to David?

Its importance is particularly meaningful since David has been consistently focused on his learning and working hard to learn content in the DTML platform. The achievement is an amazing thing for him and has meaning because his determination has paid off.

The game he conquered was one of logic, which was accessed through a virtual computer web connection, which has given him a chance to increase his intelligence.

He played the game in school. Now that the school year is over, he has traveled to visit some close relatives in a neighboring state of Zulia to enjoy his holidays.