E-Learning Games Lead the Charge in English Learning Online

Early childhood is the prime time for teaching and nurturing a child’s mind. It’s during their elementary years that children learn essential skills in language, writing, critical thinking, mathematics, art and other fundamentals that will lead them to be successful and functioning adults.

But school structures are changing, student demographics are diversifying, and children are finding their attention drawn to their parent’s tablets, phones and computers. Standard learning strategies just aren’t cutting it in today’s world.

So what are teachers and parents to do?

Educational Mobile Games Bridge the Gap between Teachers and Students

The best solution? Make English language learning fun and engaging with educational mobile games! The team at Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning are tackling ELS learning from a young age and preparing non-native English speakers for adolescence and the working world.

They’re doing this by building interactive HTML5 games to help ELS students from grades 1st-5th learn essential English language skills. Kids can learn the English alphabet, numbers, colors, oceans and continents, and the names of different body parts.

Click here to see what E-lessons are available for your kid.

E-Learning Is Great for ESL Students!

ESL students often have a hard time learning when they’re struggling to understand their instructors and peers. They feel embarrassed and unmotivated to learn. Their inadequacies in the English language make them think that there’s something wrong with them or that they aren’t as smart as the other kids when this is NOT the case.

Mobile games help remove this stigma for ELS students and help them catch up to their peers through stealthy English learning online. The games are fun, interactive and let kids enjoy an educational experience from nearly any mobile device. It even helps build friendships between peers, whether everyone speaks English or not!

Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning’s ESL games use a variety of teaching strategies to help your child learn English.

They use:

  • Stunning and colorful visuals
  • Clear audio pronunciations
  • Addictive game design
  • A competitive reward system
  • E-lessons in English and Spanish
  • Mobile accessibility
  • And So Much More!

ESL Games Encourage Students to Learn Outside of School

The power of ESL games comes from social learning and competition with peers. Students will play and practice these essential skills at home, on the bus or with friends. This will encourage them to do better and learn the games of their own volition, promoting faster learning of the English language.

Kids learn better when they’re having fun, and that’s exactly what these mobile ESL games are for!

So if you’re a parent or educator struggling to make a breakthrough with your child, then consider bringing in these mobile games from Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning.

Click the link and give ESL kids the chance they deserve

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